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What's new in VBEMP NT 2019?


  1. Updated Control Panel Applet VBEMP.CPL
  2. In videoadapter properties now shows its PCIID
  3. Interlaced modes support (60i/50i, PAL/SECAM/NTSC) for direct connect VGA-to-TV using SCART-RGB cable
  4. Rewritten DDC/EDID monitor detection, now it is more accurate
  5. Custom control for margins size (up to 4% of overscan)
  6. VSYNC, HSYNC polarity now has default values according to VESA standard
  7. Installation: For Windows NT 3.5x install is more safe, since 8-bit modes are set first
  8. Installation: Fixed bug with AMD-ATI videoadapters install
  9. Automatic LFB position detection for ISA/VLB cards (Cirrus Logic, S3, Trident,...)
  10. Filter disabled VESA modes, which are present, but non-functional
  11. Support for non-VESA VGA-only cards - now it correctly drops to 320x200x256
  12. Acquire ISA/PCI/AGP/PCIe access ranges correctly so no other device can interfere it
  13. In debug version: vbemp.log created & rewritten each system start
  14. In debug version: detect PCIe, hypertransport, PCIx
  15. Updated CirrusLogic/QEMU driver with all above changes and partial CL-GD546x support
  16. Updated IEGDNT driver - it can add new VESA modes (mosty widescreen) to your Intel integrated video
  17. Fixed memory leak when enumerating a lot of modes

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